Sunday, February 8, 2009


I'm having too much fun I think. But here are some more environments I came up with. I had to do a floating city piece eventually. And then I wanted to play with more organic forms in the second one. More to come...


Jackson Sze said...

Sweet man! Awesome to see your environments.

Unknown said...

now andy got some free time break away from free lance stuff.
second image is so cool love the curves lead into center structure.
I guess you are itchin to do some fantasy stuff huh?
Let's do it!!

BROCASSO said...


Anonymous said...

wtf Andy!!!
your getting too good man...
slow down... =)

Gavin said...

Great job with the first one, I find it so hard to so man-made structures! The detail in the distant ground is really effectively lit up :) The second one reminds me of Jung Park's style! I love it - very moody :) It's cool to see you pumping out work like this - please keep them coming!


Lim Hur said...

Hi Andy~~
oh ho~~~
I really like piece!
woo hoo!!!!!
I wanna learn how to do these kinda stuff!
I think the time has come, to bother sony guys~~ woohaha~
share you ideas~~Andy~
lets gather for korean bbq soon!

Jung Park said...

These looks awesome!
you are getting too good!
Thanks for the inspiration.
i needed that


Erik San Juan said...

Great experimentation! Looks like you are really finding your range now...with that said...

GET BACK TO WORK! hahah :)

Edward said...

Go Andy Park! Go Andy Park! That's about as unconstructive as a comment can be--but dude--phenomenal. Your skill surely knows no bounds. Thanks for keeping your blog updated!

Alexandra Dunham said...

Fsdghgfgds these are awesome. The perspective in the first one is breathtaking!

Andy Park said...

Jackson- thanks dude!

Cecil- yup, big itch. => thanks!

Brocasso- thanks bro! casso! =>

James- must not slow down, must continue... => Thanks for the inspiration!

Gavin- thanks Gavin! I appreciate it!

Lim- Yeah, bother us Sony guys, lets definitely all get some korean bbq soon. Sounds yummy!

jabraniho- no thank you!

Erik- hahaha!

Edward- gotta love the comments, right? Thanks man, I appreciate the comment!

Alexandra- Thank you very much!

SEZAZU said...

Hello Andy. We (Seth Nemo and Azurelle) just made a new blog and wanted to follow you but we cannot find the section on your profile.

If you would like to, we would be very pleased to link our blog with yours... or so. We are still new to this whole thing.

Greetings from Azu & Nemo :)

Claudia Ohm said...

Andy, I love your pencil skills, but the stuff you do with your tablet is just plain AMAZING.

Anonymous said...
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蔥油餅Jon said...
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Calvin said...
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