Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So Sony just did a whole big press announce thing where they showed off the extended full trailer as well as actual gameplay to the press (of which only the trailer was released to the public- wait till you see the gameplay- crazy!). Coinciding with the big press announcement, God of War III is also currently featured in two magazines- Game Informer and PSM3 (a French magazine). I was fortunate enough to be able to have my art featured on both covers. So here's the artwork I did for the covers with and without the logo and type. The articles inside also showed some of my concept art so here it is for you to check out. But if you get a chance check out the actual magazines, cool? Oh, and I included some of the concept mood boards I did for the trailer too.

I can't wait for everyone to be able to see and play the actual game. The guys over here at Sony Santa Monica are truly some of the most talented guys out there in the business. I think people will be blown away once they see the final game. But until then you can only see some of the concept art. Showing concept art is like a big tease to what the final product will be. For example, wait till you see the Chimera actually moving around and going crazy on Kratos. It's awesome! Until then enjoy the tease! =>


Charles Valsechi said...

Awesome art work. Not a big fan of the PS3, but I loved God of War.

Andrew Kim said...

Hey Andy!
These are kickass!!
Good to see those mood shots again and love the cover pieces!!!
Awesome man!!

Brian Yam said...

Very nice Andy! I can't wait to play the game!

Anonymous said...

WHEN will be see the actual gameplay?

Rami said...

Whoa! Those are unbelievably awesome and just very beautiful. This got me even more hyped and I didn't think that was possible! Do you have the an HD version? I don't know the technical term for it. Thanks!

Jviz said...

these are really good, great work!!

Jung Park said...

hey Andy,

I've seen these images before =)!!!!
man love the game informer cover.
have to get you sign one of that cover for me.
beautiful work as always


Gavin said...

hey Andy :) Congratulations on the covers! The GameInformer in particular is awesome! Those last 4 are so cool, you can really see the theme of the cinematic taken from these. Oh, and the colour on that centaur image is mind-blowing!

Congratulations again! When will you cease to get better lol

Andy Park said...

Charles the Third- Thanks! Hopefully you'll be a fan of the PS3 by the time GOW3 hits the stores.

Andrew Kim- Thanks Andrew! I had fun doing these. Let's do lunch soon!

Brian Yam- thanks bro! I can't wait either!

Anonymous- hopefully at E3.

Rami- Thanks, I'm glad this got you even more excited for the game. It really is looking amazing. I can't wait to play it along with the rest of the world. Yeah, I have these in higher res versions.

Joshvisual- thanks, I appreciate the comment!

jabraniho- haha- thanks bro! Miss you guys => But we'll hang next week, right?

Gavin- thanks! I totally had fun with these. It was really cool to see these characters come alive in the trailer. Now wait till you see them in the game. The guys here did a phenomenal job. Thanks, I hope I never cease... that'd be a sad day =>

Edward said...

Andy Park--if only Mr Silvestri knew what he had when you and Clarence were still there...
Three words for these pieces.

Jackson Sze said...

Hey Andy, the trailer looks awesome man. Congrats! So cool... if only I had the chance(s) to work with you guys...

Wook Hyung Charles Lee said...

Wow Andy~~!! first one is just jaw dropping. Love the intensity of the piece. Cant wait to play.

Anthony Jones said...

.... EPIC!!! hahaha damn these are inspirational! :D back to the drawing board... literally :)

joel chang said...

whoa amazing work Andy!! I especially love the cyclops, the colors are beautiful.

Elías said...

Hi Andy Park!

My name is Elias and I am a big fan of God of war, but I'm more fan of you.

When I heard you were involved in the artists in this saga, I was very excited.

I love your illustrations are a pass. I'm studying Fine Arts and I would love to someday be able to get what you do, it's my dream. So for me you are worthy of admiration. Your work inspires me and makes me want to do better every day. You are very good

So I wanted to give you my greetings, and still, you are very very good.

Greetings artist, a beloved fan

P.D. Forgive my English but I did not manage very well

Andy Park said...

Edward- haha- thanks man! Silvestri is a top notch guy. I had the best time working over at Top Cow. Thanks for the comments dude!

Jackson- Thanks! One day!

Charles- Thanks Charles! I had tons of fun painting that one up.

Anthony- Thanks! I appreciate it!

Joel- Thanks Joel! I love painting up those kind of images- esp when it's not over a 3D base (those aren't fun).

Elias- Thanks for the kind words. They're totally appreciated. And your English is fine. => Good luck with your studies!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,
As a massve God of War fan and aspiring future concept artist, I love your work man. I keep chacking in on you for inspiration and you never let me down. Please keep it comming!

Erik San Juan said...

lots of sugary stuff here! awesome job man!

jason hazelroth said...

Awesome artwork! That first cover was definitely a showstopper. I saw it at a distance at the bookstore & it got my attention :) also congrats on the game, it's looking really good

sebastian meyer said...

woah, sweet environments, love the

Anonymous said...

Whoa Andy! That is AWESOME. Awesome work and extra awesome you got on 2 covers. You are the man!

Laura Sardinha said...

I can't wait for playy!!!


axel#13 said...

Hey Andy, great to see you at E3 yesterday...we'll need to hook up soon. Oh yeah see you at Comic Con next month!

Narender Kundra said...

great job,looking good concept arts.

>can you give me tips improving my concept art.

>see my blog.

Anonymous said...

>great job,looking good concept arts.
>ilove your colours arts

>can you give me tips improving my concept art.

>see my blog.
>>Comment are wellcome.

Aleta Vidal said...

great work, love god of war, and your ar work are amazing. best regards from argentina!

JoseArtist said...

Great art!!! I just hope the artist is OK,or at least very busy because it's been a long time since the last update.

Regards to everybosy from Spain

. said...

Great cover's!

Gavin said...

Hey Andy, I just played the GoW demo - incredible! The concepts really shined through with the moody animations. It was actually quite unreal to see all the cool concepts realised in the level. The shot with the huge molten creature that you did with Jung Park was some sight to see!

Hope things are well and congratulations man, only a few months left! The game looks so great I can't wait to pick it up myself :) I hope you can show more concepts in due time!

Jparked said...

awesome!! really liked the covers you did. Inspirational as always Andy.


Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
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Jparked said...

Hey Andy, it was good to finally meet you in person. Hope you had a good year.

Keep in touch.

Dual Trio said...

Mr. Park, I have to say these cannot even be described with words. They're divine!

I do have a question which I would like to ask you: what qualifications do you need to be accepted as a concept artist? I'm currently first year in high school and I really want to become at least a bit of what you are now.

You're my idol!


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