Saturday, July 14, 2007

Steeds of Fate!

I had a lot of fun working on the Steeds of Fate level in God of War 2. The idea is that there are these 4 massive horses made out of granite and rock out in the ocean. They are the size of mountains. You, as the player, will reach the horses by running across the chain that begins at a structure that is connected to an island. You will climb onto the horses and go through a whole level fighting enemies and such. Eventually, you will break open the blinders that are covering the eyes of the horses. Once that's done the horses will come alive and begin to move forward which in turn pulls the island forward to connect it to the structure. I don't know if any of that made sense, it's tough to explain. But it's a pretty cool moment in the game.

The black and white rough painting was the initial painting I did to get a feel for the whole thing. But I ended up doing a more static side shot of the horses mainly because it shows the most amount of information on what they actually look like. I had a lot of fun with these.


DarekCh said...

Hey Andy! I like the way (and the idea) you showed the horses are huge - by drawing birds. I also like clouds and water on the second painting. Best regards!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy. Wow, as usual your artwork is quite impressive. I really like the b/w one, it really gives you a visual of what you were describing in your post. Sadly I won't be able to say "hi" next week as I am not attending comic con, but I suppose there is always next year. Or wonder con if you ever decide to make the trip towards my side of the state. ^_^

Brian Yam said...

I love the mood of the b/w study. Very nice!

Jackson Sze said...

That was SOOO cool to play through. Awesome paintings too! So Grand!

Andy Park said...

Thanks ya'll!

darekch- Thanks man, I wish there were more things I could've put in to sell the scale... mayebe I should'a put a huge whale swimming below =>

asuka- That's too bad. Seeing you at the con seemed to be a yearly thing. Next year!

brian- Thanks dude!

jackson- Thanks man. See ya at the con maybe?

Unknown said...

WOW!! It's so COOL to see the orignal concept arts of the scene which I get to animate!! This is too COOL!! :) U Rock!! BTW, you ask me about who I work for ... I work for Technicolor. :) Steeds of Fate is one of the cinematic levels which we work on over at Technicolor. :)

Anonymous said...
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