Wednesday, February 14, 2007


My first post! I've finally joined the world of blogging. I'm a bit behind. But with the new update of my site, I knew I wanted this blog to serve as a good supplement to the more portfolio style website. This is where I can easily update new images, tell you of any new news, go off and ramble, and of course, interact with you all.

Here's a quickie creature sketch I did of a gentle giant. It's a strong and imposing creature (when it has to be), but it's shy and hides away up in trees...upside down.

Oh, and my website is at: WWW.ANDYPARKART.COM -check it out near the end of March 2007. Thanks!


DarekCh said...

Dear Andy Park!

Great picture as always!

I also look forward to check out your websie!

Best regards!

Jared said...

Nice! dig it, i look forward to checking out the new site as well!

BTANK said...

HI. I love this sketch maybe you can give me a crit sometime.

mkornatka said...

I like the way you painted this sketch ... very nice!